Facet Joint Surface Models

This Item includes 2,900 files with the individual facet joint surfaces from 29 lumbar spines from L1 to S1 levels. Each specimen has four files per level: the superior and inferior surfaces for each side of the joint.

UPDATE Version 2: The files for 1312011 FLEX position have been corrected. In Version 1 those were incorrect files.

Additionally, these surfaces were captured at one of five spine positions: neutral, flexion, extension, right lateral bending, right axial rotation.

Nomenclature: [Specimen number][spinal Level][side][location][position]

Example: "1405044L2RSNEU.txt" is the Right Superior L2 facet surface of specimen 1405044 in neutral position.

Specimen number is a 7 number string ex. 1405044
Spinal Level: L1 to L5 in addition to S1 (Sacrum)

Side is Left or Right (L or R)

Location is Inferior (I) or Superior (S)

Position is one of five: neutral (NEU), flexion (FLEX), extension (EXT), right lateral bending (RLB), and right axial rotation (RAR).